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Monday, November 1, 2010

Oliver Peoples 2011 Collection to Arrive at Schaeffer Eye Center

"Focus on Fashion"

The Schaeffer Eye Center Team recently met with Oliver Peoples to preview the 2011 collection and we are excited about the fabulous new frames arriving in our offices in time for the holidays.

In addition to the gorgeous frames, Oliver Peoples provides some of our favorite marketing campaigns and we just love the 2010 Campaign Video featuring Elijah Wood and Shirley Manson. The 2011 Campaign is super sexy and stars real life couple, Devendra Banhart and Rebecca Schwartz. Expect the short film to debut after the first of the year. You can learn more about the inspiration behind the 2011 Campaign from Oliver Peoples.

We asked some of our optical staff to tell us their favorites for the new season:

Sophia Cosper from our Mountain Brook Office:

The WACKS has a great modern feel while still representing the Oliver Peoples tradition of old Hollywood. It definitely has a strong yet feminine brow line and frames the eyes nicely in this image. The larger lens size and the retro styling make it very relevant in the high end optical market. This is a frame for someone who is stylish and fashion forward but likes a little bit of a classic look.

Borden Burns from our Colonnade Office:

I like the LIPSOFIRE because it has the retro-glamour that calls to mind the aesthetic savvy of fashion Goddesses Edith Head and Carrie Donovan. I also like that its form lends nicely to the function of ample sun protection. The proportions are smaller than what have been dominant for the past five years or so (which makes for clean, refreshing lines), but still maintain a fashionable assertiveness that never goes out of style.

Bernadette Cherie from our Hoover Office
The RACY provides ultimate glamour. This frame gives the wearer celebrity status and sex appeal. It is a great ode to vintage Hollywood.

Tell us which frame you like!

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