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Friday, December 17, 2010

Q&A with Markus Schwade from Robert Marc

Markus Schwade, our representative from Robert Marc is in town for trunk shows at three of our Schaeffer Eye Center locations. He brought the amazing Fall 2010 collection which features tortoise shell, an eyewear must which is recharged with new primal colors.

We took the opportunity to ask him a few questions at our Mountain Brook office:

SEC: How long have you been working at Robert Marc?
Markus: I just celebrated my 10 year anniversary this week.

SEC: Where are you from?
Markus: Originally, I am from Germany, but I am based at our headquarters in New York now.

SEC: Where did the inspiration for the signature Robert Marc temple originate?
Markus: The inspiration for the temple is from historical designs. Specifically from the hinges of early eye wear when materials were assembled. It is an internationally registered trademark.

SEC: What is your favorite frame from the new collection?
Markus: I love the 168. It is absolutely beautiful and works very well on many faces.

SEC: What sets Robert Marc apart from other frame vendors?
Markus: There are consumers that are label-driven and consumers that are quality-driven. We concentrate on eye wear only; we don't make handbags or shoes. That's why we also like to work with Schaeffer Eye Center. You also cater to the discerning customer by providing a high quality product.

SEC: How long have you been personally working with Schaeffer Eye Center?
Markus: Ever since your last rep left the company; about 8 years now.

SEC: Just for fun. What is your favorite restaurant in Birmingham when you come to visit?
Markus: Definitely Satterfield's!

If you would like to meet Markus and see the Fall 2010 Collection from Robert Marc, he will be the Hoover and Colonnade locations today and tomorrow. Visit our Facebook Event Page for more details.

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